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Resource West – Wastewater Evaporators, Frac Water Storage Tanks & Mining Ventilation Equipment

Resource West specializes in wastewater evaporation systems, above ground water storage tanks, and mining ventilation equipment for a variety of industries.

Apex Evaporator with Diffuser

Service with safety is our highest priority.

We've developed an extensive network of value-added services and pride ourselves on unmatched service, safety, and support.

Like our products, you can trust that our services are backed by the most knowledgeable specialists in the industry. At Resource West, we have the capabilities to meet all of your special project needs!

Wastewater Evaporation Units

Landshark Wastewater Evaporator

With a large spray pattern allowing for longer float times, the Landshark produces greater evaporation rates in larger evaporation ponds or areas where over spray is less of a concern.  

Barracuda Wastewater Evaporator

The Barracuda is a smaller version of our popular Landshark model with a reduced flow rate useful when used in smaller applications. 

Apex Wastewater Evaporator

The advantage of the Apex floating wastewater evaporator is the ease of mobility and the increased run time allowed by the in-pond location.

Aboveground Storage Tanks

Commander™ Series Aboveground Water Storage Tanks

Commander™ Series aboveground storage tanks offer your company a safe, reliable, cost effective & environmentally responsible produced water containment solution.


Other Products from Resource West

Evaporation Overspray Control

Protect from overspray and increase run time of water evaporation systems

Deluxe Y-Strainer

A pre-filter for wastewater evaporators featuring changeable mesh screen sizes for your desired application


Dissolves & removes existing limescale. Prevents new limescale accumulation. Kills bacteria & algae. 

Applied H2O Solutions