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Commander™ Series Above Ground Frac Water Storage Tanks | RWI

Ideal for frac water storage, Commander™ Series tanks provide a safe, reliable, cost effective & environmentally responsible containment solution.

Ideal for frac water storage, Commander Series Aboveground Storage Tanks offer the strongest & safest modular tank, assemblies available with a professionally engineered & certified design.


Commander™ Series Aboveground Water Storage Tanks

Our aboveground modular storage tanks provide advantages in unconventional plays for production companies, consultants, and water management companies. Ideal for frac water storage, our tanks take only a fraction of the space of traditional frac water storage tanks while providing you with a safe, reliable, cost effective, and environmentally responsible containment solution.

Resource West is pleased to offer all five Commander Series tank sizes:

  • Commander T51 (51,000 bbls) = 175' in diameter x 12' high
  • Commander T42 (42,000 bbls) = 160' in diameter x 12' high
  • Commander T26 (26,000 bbls) = 125' in diameter x 12' high
  • Commander T9 (9,000 bbls) = 75' in diameter x 12' high

All Commander Series Aboveground Storage Tanks include:

  •  Monitoring system that allows on-site and remote monitoring of water volume and temperature
  • OSHA approved stairs and landing with handrail and removable interior ladder
  • One 12" Suction capable of handling up to 120 barrels/minute capacity
  • Four 4" inlet discharge lines (moveable)
  • Four 4" re-circulation lines  (moveable) 

In addition, custom sizes of our Commander Series aboveground water storage tanks can be manufactured from same basic design. All Commander Series modular tanks also feature quick set-up & demobilization that can be accomplished in less than one day.

Resource West also offers Fill Stations that are designed as an in-line anchor to aid in the safe, secure transfer of liquids between any liquid storage facility and transport trucks.

We also offer tank monitoring with web based systems that give the ability to monitor the Commander Tanks from any mobile device, anytime anywhere.


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