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2245 Colex Drive
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Our Company History – Resource West, Inc.

About Resource West — Our History

Resource West was formed in 2006 when Jack Hays, CEO, saw the need for our clients to be able to evaporate water to help reduce the cost of disposal fees.

Apex Wastewater Evaporator

Jack — the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2012 — has been in business with the oilfield since 1972 and has a strong reputation of success and honest business. With his expertise, our highly-qualified staff, and over 100 years of experience, Resource West can help your business find the best evaporator and products to suit your business' needs and budget.

Resource West currently has evaporation equipment in 26 states and 11 countries in many different industries. We have the ability to evaporate all types of water in a variety of environments including the ability to evaporate wastewater, evaporate production water, evaporate storm runoff water, and much more. We offer in-pond evaporators as well as on-shore evaporators; each has many different options including weather stations to prevent overspray and achieve optimal evaporation.

With a history of unparallelled service, support and safety, Resource West continues to provide expert service to get the job done efficiently and effectively!

Call us today @ +1 (888) 256-9378 or contact us to find out how we can help you! 


Commander Series Aboveground Storage Tanks

In 2012, Resource West started a line of modular aboveground storage tanks to assist our clients with hydraulic fracturing needs. Capable of storing anywhere from 9,000 – 53,000 bbls in a fraction of the space as traditional storage systems, Commander Series aboveground storage tanks provide advantages in unconventional plays for production companies, consultants, and water management companies with a safe, reliable, cost effective, and environmentally responsible containment solution.

The tanks include OSHA approved stairs and landing with handrail and removable interior ladder, one 12" suction capable of handling up to 120 barrels/minute, four 4" inlet discharge lines, and two 6" inlet discharge lines.

Applied H2O Solutions