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From Oil Production to Wastewater Treatment – We Can Do That! | RWI

Yes, We Can Do That! — Industries & Applications We Service

At Resource West, Our Service Extends Beyond Simply Supplying Products.

We've developed an extensive network of value-added services and pride ourselves on unmatched service, safety, and support. Like our products, you can trust that our services are backed by the most knowledgeable specialists in the industry. We have the capabilities to meet all of your special project needs!

Oil & Gas Industry

Resource West is dedicated to serving specific needs of the Oil & Gas Industry with our latest technology, innovative products and finding solutions to lower cost and improve productivity. Our Commander Series Aboveground Storage Tanks offer a one-day setup, easy transfer and an environmentally responsible containment solution. Our three different evaporators and various mounting styles allow Resource West to handle any and all evaporation needs of the Oil & Gas Industry.  Our evaporators help eliminate unwanted water quickly and efficiently.

Mining Industry

Resource West provides a wide range of fans, scrubbers, silencers and ventilation equipment to the Mining Industry.  All manufactured products are custom built for specific needs and restrictions.  With our latest technology and innovative products we help reduce any downtime with offering repairs and upgrades to any system. Resource West also provides evaporation solutions to the Mining Industry with our wide range of evaporation options and accessories.

Municipal Wastewater

Wastewater from landfills is regulated by most Federal and State Environmental Agencies because of the possible threat to groundwater and or water supplies close by, rivers etc. With a wide range of products, along with our latest evaporation technologies and solutions, Resource West can help keep your wastewater or water treatment facility by reducing downtime and lowering costs

Power Plants

Power plants produce a lot of waste water primarily from cooling tower blow downs. This water has a lot of suspended solids in it and goes into ponds. Resource West’s evaporation equipment can lower water ponds in the most cost effective manner.

Chemical Plants

We offer the latest technologies and innovative products for evaporating water as well as containment with our Above Ground Storage Tanks for specific needs of the Chemical Plant Industry. Resource West also offers a wide range of custom built ventilation equipment.  We help keep plants operating cleanly, safely and efficiently.  

Compost Facilities

Resource West is dedicated to serving specific needs to different Compost Facilities.  We have extensive products and highly qualified sales consultants to support and trained in problem solving to increase productivity and reduce cost.

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